Storage tips

Tips for getting the most from your storage space, from the experts

• Wedge appliance doors open. Freezer, refrigerator, washer, dryer cartons are excellent for packing towels, bedding, and clothing. Always wash stove before storing.
• Pack Books flat to protect their spines. Do not place boxes directly on the floor. Books are heavy in bunches pack smaller boxes for easy lifting. Line book boxes with garbage bags.
• Store windows and mirrors on edge, NOT FLAT. Use a mirror crate or heavy cardboard. Make sure that they will not be bumped.
• Take your time packing dishes. Put packing paper on the bottom and top of the boxes. Wrap plates and glasses individually.
• Wipe metal with a slightly oiled rag to prevent rusting.
• Save the packaging from holiday decorations for delicate ornaments. Pad the ornaments with news paper.
• Protect furniture and mattresses with specially designed plastic covers. Place a pallet, mat or plastic sheet on the floor and stand sofas on their side.
• Stand records on end. They can be very heavy don’t pack to many in one box.
• Store small expensive items in the back of storage in unmarked boxes with furniture in front of them.
• Use uniform boxes and stack them high to maximize space.
• Cover the floor with plastic or a pallet.
• Leave air space around the perimeter of the unit for ventilation.
• Place frequently used items near the door and make a walkway to the rear space.
• Cover all stored possessions with a thin layer of plastic. In a humid area allow for ventilation.
• Make a complete list of all items stored complete with brand names, product features, and curial numbers. Keep the list in a safe place away from storage.
• To prove owner ship keep proof of purchase documentation like receipts, owner’s manuals or warranties. Or make a photo or videotaped record of stored goods. Keep this material in safe place away from the storage space.